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Welcome! You will find 23 albums here, from my very latest collection of original songs The Blessing & the Bliss in 2015, going right back to my debut instrumental album Open Secret in 1987. You can listen to samples, read descriptions, buy CD's and downloads, watch YouTubes, see galleries and find out about concerts and forthcoming events in these pages! My songs, instrumental pieces and piano vignettes are spiritually themed, intimate and heart-centered in intent. I sometimes also re-interpret traditional songs and great love ballads by other troubadours of our times, like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and combine this musical output with a private practice as a transpersonal psychotherapist.

Ex Deo nascimur, in Christo morimur, per spiritum sanctum reviviscimus

My faith is in Spirit, rather than in religion. I have no creed. My teachers have been Sufis, shamans and mystics. The Christ for me is also the Dao… the bridge from the apparent to the real.

"Your music has a sacred, healing quality that speaks directly to my soul.
It reminds me of something precious, almost forgotten.
It speaks to me of an eternal peace beyond all earthly suffering."

~ Sandy Boonman, The Netherlands

"You have a great gift for expressing the deepest language and longing of the soul."

~ Susan Neale, UK

"I have attended many of your concerts, and I find that every performance of yours is
unique as I watch you unfold over time. Each time I see and feel that you become
one with the music something mysterious happens to me. It's as if I'm receiving a
form of radiance which is being reflected as you become one with the music. What
is bestowed upon you is then released. When you sing, Divine love and music unite,
and you sing for love."

~ Gloria Vahid, UK


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Spiritual Balance
Boompjestraat 27
3291 AA Strijen
(See directions and map here)

19.30pm European time

Tickets are £20.

Purchase ticket for Friday, February 12th, 2016
Purchase ticket for Saturday, February 13th, 2016

I will be singing songs from my newest album “The Blessing & the Bliss,” plus even newer songs that I’m now writing, and of course some old favourites! Spiritual Balance is a health & healing shop in Strijen (and it will be open on the concert evenings… great gifts there!!) Strijen is a village near Dordrecht, not so far from Rotterdam, and Spiritual Balance has a large meditation room where I’ll sing. The room holds 55 people. All my 23 CD’s will be for sale at special concert discount prices. Car is easy, and public transport is possible. Tickets can also be obtained in the Netherlands from Linda at Spiritual Balance here: linda@spiritualbalance.nl

18/09/15 ~ New album THE BLESSING & THE BLISS now available!!

A new album of mine The Blessing & the Bliss is now available! There are thirteen original tracks, and seventy minutes of music here. The songs are spiritually themed, and are the first set of new, original songs I’ve composed since February, 2013, reflecting an intense and vibrant spiritual journey during this time.

The project began in February 2015 at Kerani Music in the Netherlands, but was halted in late March, due to the Dutch production team withdrawing for various reasons. The cavalry arrived in the form of Tim Rock, and his studio in Norfolk, England, and I completed the songs there between June-August.

My youngest son Isaac, 17, stepped in to do the artwork.

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18/09/15 ~ Asher Quinn poems on YouTube

After an ‘altered’ episode in March, spiritual poems began to occur to me. Nine have come so far. The first two of these Dive deep and The living waters have now been made into YouTubes, edited by Maggie Arrowsmith up in Scotland, from my scripts.

Dive deep
The living waters

18/09/15 ~ Other recent YouTubes to tracks of mine published since May, filmed with Gloria Vahid and edited by Maggie (777loveisall on her own YouTube channel)

Kindling wood
Fiery moon
Metaphysics by moonlight
Song of the cross
The shepherd (Heal Your Heart)
Love’s philosophy
To my one true love (meadow edition)
Stand by me
Do what you gotta do
O my Jesus be sweet to me
Le partisan
First love
When a man loves a woman
Clouds like angels
Spiritual love
Old man (fireside edition)

"Asher ~ one of my favourite singers! Your music is like the breath of an angel."

~ Zsolt Gomori, Hungary

Singing Stone Music Singing Stone

Singing Stone Music is now the record label on which I record, and which houses my current catalogue. Click here to read the legend of the singing stone and about the mythology of the heart with wings that I've chosen as the logo